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Suicide rates amongst bankers growing.

Ahed TherapiesSuicides of bankers in 2015 reaches new high

Since the start of the year there has been a spate of suicides by bankers in both London, the US and abroad.  To date there has been 11 self inflicted deaths by bankers in financial markets worldwide which is highly unusual but is an obvious symptom of the stress many of these individuals find themselves under on a daily basis.

Concern for banker suicide rates in London is now becoming a major issue for HR managers and executives in the City of London financial services sector as stress and pressure mount on bankers.

Analysis of suicide rates in the UK for 2013 show the following statistics:

  • 6,233 suicides of people aged 15 and over were registered in the UK in 2013, 252 more than in 2012 (a 4% increase).
  • The UK suicide rate was 11.9 deaths per 100,000 population in 2013. The male suicide rate was more than three times higher than the female rate, with 19.0 male deaths per 100,000 compared to 5.1 female deaths.
  • The male suicide rate in 2013 was the highest since 2001. The lowest male rate since the beginning of the data series, at 16.6 per 100,000, was in 2007. Female rates have stayed relatively constant since 2007.
  • The highest UK suicide rate in 2013 by broad age group was among men aged 45 to 59, at 25.1 deaths per 100,000, the highest for that age group since 1981.
  • The most common method of suicide in the UK in 2013 was ‘hanging, strangulation and suffocation’ which accounted for 56.1% of male suicides and 40.2% of female suicides.
  • The highest suicide rate among the English regions was in North East England at 13.8 deaths per 100,000 population, while London had the lowest at 7.9 per 100,000.

The rise in male suicide rates is of great concern particularly for men aged 45 to 59.

If you have a concern about a loved one, friend or employee or indeed if you are having suicidal thoughts then please do take action today and contact us for an immediate appointment.