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Private Consultant Psychiatry
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Ahed Therapies

Psychiatric Training and Consultancy

Training and Consultancy

Psychiatric and mental health consultancy training for companies in Cardiff, the UK and Ireland

Ahed Therapies provides a range of consultancy, corporate training services and seminars covering a range of subject areas.

Consultancy services to the corporate and mental health sectors.

Ahed Therapies provides advice and support to companies on a range of mental health issues as well as providing corporate training to assist managers in the workplace to better manage health and well being issues.

For more information view our occupational health services information page.

Corporate Training Services:

  •     Motivation in the workplace
  •     Health, stress and coping
  •     Introduction to Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT)
  •     Assertiveness
  •     Stress management (audit, risk assessment and prevention, stress awareness training, resilience)
  •     Team building
  •     Conflict resolution
  •     Stress and anger management
  •     Organisational psychology
  •     Psychological disorders (An introduction)
  •     Psychological treatment for mental health disorders
  •     Mental health in the workplace (introduction for occupational health professionals)
  •     Mental health awareness for employers
  •     Bespoke courses to suit

Attendees on our mental health and psychiatric training courses and seminars include

  • mental health nurses,
  • psychiatric nurses,
  • social workers,
  • occupational therapists,
  • clinical psychologists,
  • psychiatrists,
  • probation officers
  • and others working in a variety of mental health settings

If you would like to find out more about our corporate training and seminars please contact us today.