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Suicide Risk – Preventative factors

addiction and substance misuse treatmentsSuicide risks preventative factors

A preventative factor has been demonstrated to be religion even when taking into consideration of bias or confounding influences – US study by Kleiman & Liu.  In another study by Cook such benefits due to spirituality and religion raises the question of raising this subject in clinical practice.

In the UK males have more atheist tendencies than females.  Sensitive enquiry and tact could be considered useful and not antagonistic, or coercive to those who do not have faith.  Thus an extension beyond the bio-psycho-social model of the optional spirituality appears to be of benefit.  Thus a sensitive Bio-psycho-social-spiritual model could be of potential benefit.

Dougall et al demonstrated that discharge form General Hospitals were associated with higher suicide rates when compared to discharge from Psychiatric Hospitals. The highest risk period for suicide was in the closest time period from discharge.