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GP’s report that the NHS provides poor mental health services

Psychiatric Clinic treatments in LondonGPs are not confident that mental health services on the NHS will improve in London , Wales or UK wide.

Half of GPs (50%) say their local Trust provides a poor service for patients with mental health issues, and 37% believe the service is poor for depression, the most common mental health condition cited by patients at 35%. Over two-thirds of GPs (68%) also feel they don’t get enough support regarding mental health issues. Some astonishing statistics from an Aviva healthcare research project showed the following:

  • Across the country GPs report long waiting tmes for talking therapies – London (83%), Wales (92%)
  • GPs reporting they are prescribing medication when they believe talking therapies would be more effective -London (65%), Wales (83%)
  • GPs reporting increased number of patients with mental health condition (non stress or anxiety) – London (57%), Wales (67%)

Worryingly of those doctors surveyed – less than a quarter of GPs believe that access to psychological therapies will improve.

To read more about the Aviva research visit their website.