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What our clients say about our psychiatrist services

Testimonials for our psychiatrist

We regularly receive letters of thanks from our clients confirming that their treatment has provided many benefits to them. Below are just a few testimonials / reviews of our psychiatrist provided by our clients.

Review of Ahed services by DH

I have been a police officer for over 20 years and had a mental breakdown in 2021 due to accumulated trauma at work. This led to me having several incidents come to the surface I have suffered with panic attacks, flash backs , dissociation, mood swings, suicidal thoughts.

My mental has been on best described a roller coaster, when I thought I was better I would decline again after going back to work on two occasions after absence.

In 2022 I was diagnosed with Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder by another consultant.

I have been engaged with several different types of therapy EMDR, CBT, peer support groups, art therapy, holistic in order to get better. I have tried to out run the condition, I have tried to ignore the condition and I have done everything to try and beat the condition but it has humbled me.

Over 3 years I have been in and out of work with period of several months off get better mentally , back in work then off again. Unfortunately, last October 2023 my mental health declined and had a severe relapse with PTSD symptoms with new trauma. This led to panic attacks, nightmares etc.

So I started the ill health retirement process with work and I was made aware of Dr Alastair Clarke Walker.

I decided that to get the best out of the appointment I had to be open, honest and as transparent as possible to get some help.

The reception team of Jackie is very down to earth and gives simple clear instruction of what is expected from the appointment.

On the day of the appointment which was done over zoom I completed the necessary trauma and depression questionnaires. I was anxious before the appointment but Dr Clarke Walker made me feel valued and listened to me straight away as a human being and not just a client.

He has a unique way of doing the psychiatric assessment and even though it was 3.5 hours the time flew. He is very caring, considerate about yourself and the appointment is all about you.

The doctor is the most experienced I have ever met regarding trauma and the effects of PTSD on the body. He is an expert in his field and is very knowledgeable which is backed up by practical experience. He gives an insight into the condition which can only be described as expert.

After the appointment I realised that I was more ill that I first estimated and I had not given the condition of Complex PTSD the full credit it deserved. I had to have an honest conversation with myself about how my life has been effected from myself and my family.

I was surprised that after telling him about some of my everyday to day activities that the conditions runs a lot deeper in my brain than I thought. I was displaying several different aspects of my life that I had normalised but infact the condition was having a bigger impact on my life than I thought. Some of my behaviours was because of the Complex PTSD.

He explained the conditions to me and my behaviour was related to the condition, he gave an honest opinion that the way I behaved around my mood and other behaviours was due to the trauma I had suffered within my job.

I have been told about the condition by other doctors but not in as much detail as the Doctor Clarke Walker. This has opened my eyes and give me a very humbling , deeper level of acceptance about the condition. My life has been changed by the condition and I have to do my best everyday to manage it.

I was shown compassion, support, empathy, no judgment at all for the behaviour I was displaying and the trauma I had described. He understood this was a different angle from which I had never heard, and this was along away from the textbook description of the condition.

The way he conducts the assessment enables you to be honest about what you have been feeling and how you live your everyday life.

I have received the report and I was blown away by the in-depth assessment of my condition, the attention to detail is apparent, the diagnosis, and the evidence to back everything up. I was first diagnosed in 2022 by another consultant and the report was minimal to say the least nothing can compare to this.

This was one was backed up by real life examples of PTSD and studies of the condition from his experience in the medical field.

I read the report several times and I have took the diagnosis as an honest assessment and was impactive to me personally on how much the trauma has effected my brain and functioning.

The report even though was great depth it give me a deep sense of peace and understanding of the current state of my own mental health and the effect the conditions have on me.

The report also contains details recommendations for further treatment to live a happier life.

The report was gained as part of my ill health retirement process for my job and gave a detailed assessment, opinion as part of the process of my career and life going forward.

Demonstrates huge amounts of empathy in a professional but comforting and friendly manner

I was hugely pleased with the treatment Dr. Alastair has provided for me, which was nothing like I’ve experienced in the past. He managed to select and align his treatment techniques to my needs, and opened my eyes to so many different avenues of treatment; of which I wasn’t aware before.  Before I first entered his office I simply thought that “talking therapy” and pills were the only options available with mental health, but Dr. Alastair has definitely proved otherwise.  His methods included Meridian Energy Therapy (MET) and several different types of Meditation.  Dr. Alastair understood the methods from which I would benefit the most, and guided me through them. But most importantly for me, he made me understand that the issues I was experiencing were far from uncommon.
I particularly liked the way Dr. Alastair explains things in a way he knows his patients will understand, and demonstrates huge amounts of empathy in a professional but comforting and friendly manner. It comes across extremely obvious that his role is not just a job to him, and he genuinely cares about his patients.
Dr. Alastair provides not only treatment and coping mechanisms, but life skills which I know will stay with me forever. As a result I now feel much improved,  with tools and techniques to help me through the rest of my life. I’d like to thank Dr. Alastair for everything he’s done which I will never forget, and recommend his treatment to anybody.
Thank you Paul .