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Private Consultant Psychiatry
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What our clients say about our psychiatrist services

Testimonials for our psychiatrist

We regularly receive letters of thanks from our clients confirming that their treatment has provided many benefits to them. Below are just a few testimonials / reviews of our psychiatrist provided by our clients.

Demonstrates huge amounts of empathy in a professional but comforting and friendly manner

I was hugely pleased with the treatment Dr. Alastair has provided for me, which was nothing like I’ve experienced in the past. He managed to select and align his treatment techniques to my needs, and opened my eyes to so many different avenues of treatment; of which I wasn’t aware before.  Before I first entered his office I simply thought that “talking therapy” and pills were the only options available with mental health, but Dr. Alastair has definitely proved otherwise.  His methods included Meridian Energy Therapy (MET) and several different types of Meditation.  Dr. Alastair understood the methods from which I would benefit the most, and guided me through them. But most importantly for me, he made me understand that the issues I was experiencing were far from uncommon.
I particularly liked the way Dr. Alastair explains things in a way he knows his patients will understand, and demonstrates huge amounts of empathy in a professional but comforting and friendly manner. It comes across extremely obvious that his role is not just a job to him, and he genuinely cares about his patients.
Dr. Alastair provides not only treatment and coping mechanisms, but life skills which I know will stay with me forever. As a result I now feel much improved,  with tools and techniques to help me through the rest of my life. I’d like to thank Dr. Alastair for everything he’s done which I will never forget, and recommend his treatment to anybody.
Thank you Paul .

ADHD treatment

I first saw an NHS Psychiatrist 12 years ago. My mental health issues were not properly diagnosed. I tried many different anti-depressants and never found the right CBT therapist. I suffered panic attacks, insomnia, I had meltdowns and felt like I didn’t want to live as my self-esteem was so poor.

A month after having been referred to Dr Alastair Clarke-Ward I’m glad to report I’m looking back on these symptoms in a rear view mirror. 18 months ago I finally clicked with a CBT therapist and after getting back in touch with him this summer, he had since met Alastair at a conference. My CBT therapist was pretty sure I had ADHA and had written my GP. I’d been on a waiting list on the NHS to get diagnosed for over 12 months, waiting was just not an option anymore. My personal life was starting to unravel again, due to frustration and anxiety. I could feel my stress levels rising again and I couldn’t understand what was wrong with me. I’d worked really hard to try and better position myself and my life in respect to work and health and I didn’t want to go backwards. He suggested I try to get privately diagnosed by Dr Clarke-Walker.

I can honestly say it’s one of the best decisions I’ve made. Dr Clarke-Walker is a really straight forward person. He puts the patient at the centre of their own care and recovery. Once he did indeed confirm I had severe ADHD, he focused on making sure he put me on the correct medications. He made me feel positive that he could help sort the situation out for me. Finally I had been heard and here was this person willing 110% to make sure that I was going to be ok, this was very reassuring. Pharmacology is clearly something he excels at and takes pride in getting right for the patient. He explains what the medications do and takes time to make sure the dosage works for you and gets to understand your routine and how you live so he really wraps around the care so it’s personalised and fits in with your life. I look forward to our sessions. He has a great sense of humour and puts you at ease. I would highly recommend him to anyone struggling to get help for their ADHD either through their GP or on the NHS – don’t delay