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NHS mental health care in crisis – who cares?

nhs v private mental health care Is private mental health care the only way to access  quality care in the UK?

The Guardian newspaper has recently requested stories from readers providing details of their NHS experience for mental health problems.

The paper requested feedback following a revelation that two thirds of people with depression in the UK receive no treatment from the NHS.  A typical picture has emerged with regard to the treatment received on the NHS including long drawn out battles to obtain a diagnosis, long waits for treatments, an over prescription of drugs instead of other treatments and often a lack of compassion or sensitivity to the problems confronted.

The Guardian draws the conclusion that the NHS mental health system is broken.

The incoming president of the Royal College of Psychiatrists, Prof Sir Simon Wessely, recently suggested people would be “absolutely appalled and screaming from the rooftops” if those going without treatment had cancer rather than mental health problems.

To read examples of the poor treatment received for mental health issues reported to the Guardian and to read more on this story visit the Guardian website.

Ahed Therapies would like to see better NHS treatment for mental health ensuring that all patients received treatment as and when required.