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Mental Health training for GP’s

Post traumatic stress disorder PTSD treatments LondonDoctors and nurses should be made to undertake mental health training as part of their professional development, MPs believe.

They also want to see mental health education on the national curriculum to “promote wellbeing and resilience” in pupils and to prevent them from developing problems.

The measures, to be unveiled on Wednesday, are needed to make sure mental health services are brought up to the same level as their physical counterparts, the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Mental Health believes.

The report, that follows a year-long probe into the progress being made to achieve this goal, will be launched by Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt.

James Morris MP, chairman of the mental health committee, said: “While there have been some good commitments from Government and the NHS to improving mental health services, our inquiry found that progress has been unacceptably slow.

“Too often the poor quality and provision of mental health care are tolerated in a way that would not be acceptable in physical health care.

“Swift action must be taken to ensure that the one in four people who experiences mental health problems in their lifetime get the treatment they need and deserve.”

The inquiry identifies three areas where mental health services lag behind.

This includes a higher rate of premature death, with people with mental illness dying on average 15 to 20 years earlier than others.

Emergency care was also lacking, with 8,000 people in 2012/13 detained in police cells because of the lack of NHS alternatives.

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