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Poor physical health is associated with poor mental health

Mood disorders are associated with more co morbid physical health conditions but also the extent of the mood disorder is more adversely affected.

Q 1- But is there a quantitative relationship? How much is the life span of a person on average reduced if they experience mental illness in relation to the general population?
Is it? (1)

A-  5 years
B- 10 years
C- 15 years
D- 20 years
E- 25 years

Q2- Up to how much percentage wise are the premature deaths that occur due to a medical illness with those who experience severe mental illness? (1)

A-  20%
B-  40%
C-  60%
D-  80%
E-  100%

Q3- Statement: true or false – The use of psychotropic medications does not adversely affect mortality with those who experience mental illness. (2)

Q4- Which are the most prevalent medical conditions associated with Bipolar disorder? Ditto for unipolar, depressive illness? (3)
A- Migraine
B- Asthma
C- Hypertension
D- Hyperlipidaemia
E- Osteoarthritis
F- Thyroid disease

Q5- Schizophrenia reduces life expectancy by how much? (4)

A- 30%

Q6- people with schizophrenia experience higher rates of mortality due manly to ? (4)

A- Violence
B- Suicide
C- Cardiovascular disease
D- none of the above ie A B or C
E- Combination of A and B

Q7- Correlation  between suicide and economic indices: (5)

A- Only a correlation with unemployment in men
B- Strong for women in all economic indices except GDP per capita for women
C- Economic crisis resulted in a post event increased rate of suicide
D- A B C were all correct
E- A B C were all incorrect

1 Parks J, Svendenson D, Singer P, Foti M, Mauer B. Morbidity and Mortality in People with Serious Mental Illness.  National state Mental Health Program Directors, 2006

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Correct Answers:

Q1 is E, Q2 is C Q3 is  correct Q4 for both bipolar and unipolar disorders all choices are correct  Q5 is D. Q6 is C. Q7  answer E is correct.