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Private Consultant Psychiatry
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What our clients say about our psychiatrist services

Testimonials for our psychiatrist

We regularly receive letters of thanks from our clients confirming that their treatment has provided many benefits to them. Below are just a few testimonials / reviews of our psychiatrist provided by our clients.

Mental ill-health

Dr Clarke-Walker helped me to a strong recovery from a period of mental ill-health that was severely impacting my life.
He was extremely thorough in his initial assessment of my condition and applied both pharmacological and psychological treatments to help me recover. Dr Clarke-Walker is knowledgeable, approachable and offers as much support as possible in the time available to him.
He gives genuinely practical advice that can be applied in the real world and has a lovely communication style that both puts the patient at ease and goes to the point without unnecessary layers of theory or jargon. Dr Clarke-Walker really impressed me with his expertise and his open manner and I cannot thank him enough for helping me to recover from a state of desperate un-wellness.
Mrs. G

Personal traumas and physical injury

Having suffered a series of personal traumas and physical injury involving an operation to fuse my vertebrae, I found life cripplingly stressful and approached my GP back in 2012 for medical assistance. While they were understanding of my condition and my determination to get my life back on track and to return to work, all they could offer in principle was drugs and the assurance that I would be referred for NHS counselling but that I would be on a 6 month waiting list. In the interim time, I had private counselling for some 3 months involving a series of procedures, talking therapy and CBT. Whilst I continued with the private treatment, I came away from every session feeling that I had made absolutely no progress. When I was eventually referred for treatment with the NHS, I went through the same process, with little or no empathy and a constant feeling that I was not being “treated”. merely attending sessions in which everybody in the group was treated in the same manner, with no apparent concept of individual need.

I eventually gave up on the prospect of ever recovering, suffering severe anxiety, preventing me from going outside without assistance, leading to feelings of hopelessness and suicide. Having researched the treatment available on the internet, I came across the Ahed Therapy centre and I began seeing Dr. Alastair Clarke-Walker in early February 2018. Alastair instantly made me feel at ease in the initial 2 hour consultation, I felt that he listened to me in a completely non-judgement way and felt confident at that early stage that I had (after 6 years) found the person who had the capability to turn my life around.

I have seen Alastair on a weekly basis for about 6 sessions, during which his professionalism and empathy in treating me as an individual has resulted in my condition improving to the point at which I am able to use the coping techniques suggested at his sessions to calm myself to the point at which I feel far more in control and able to use the techniques to bring my mind back to reality. This has had a life changing effect for me. I genuinely believe that, had I not met Alastair and engaged with him towards recovery, I would never have recovered and I was frighteningly close to suicide, with constant, crippling anxiety. I would highly recommend anybody in my condition to contact Alastair. I have found him to be a genuine, down to earth, empathetic professional.

Kind Regards,
Mr P