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Private Consultant Psychiatry
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The Vision that Drives Ahed Therapies

Some may say I should not write this narrative – as it bares too much of my own inner feelings and strength that drives the success of Ahed Therapies. But sharing feelings and thoughts is central too what we do and if we cannot share our passion with you then why would you wish to be open with us?

From early childhood and youth I was witness to the true suffering that mental and physical health issues can inflict upon a person and their family.

After experiencing an extremely materialistic successful career in the pharmaceutical industry, I entered medicine in order to either save or give back lives.

Life can be the most peculiar of creatures. Fate can put the most formidable of challenges in our path but that does not mean we are to accept, surrender hope and not try to overcome. The most caring of individuals by nature can have the greatest of burdens which can be the price of sensitivity. Too many suffer; take too much responsibility, for matters which are not their causation.

At Ahed Therapies we listen how you view each issue in your life, how it affects your life, the outcome you strive for, ie, your agenda.  Our deepest wish is to facilitate your recovery in the best possible manner: in the most acceptable, practical, holistic way, to heal efficiently and effectively, in the promptest fashion. Our role is to clarify, educate and empower in order for you to make the best possible recovery.

Although there may be similarities to each person’s story each situation is individual subject to change and more constant influences, at Ahed Therapies we go beyond including diagnosis – we incorporate each relevant important issue. Thus our treatment is not only tailored to the individual for the course of the treatment but also each session is individualised to the person’s ever changing needs. This flexibility is so necessary.

Hopefully  I do not sit on the fence, or feign empathy but to reveal the humanity of my soul. These points may not be the most eloquent but are true and I hope that it gives you a better understanding of how we approach life and work at Ahed Therapies.

Dr. Alastair Clarke-Walker