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Afraid of visiting the dentist - overcome your fear today

Dental Phobia / Dental Anxiety Treatments

Dental phobia and dental anxiety treatments in Cardiff, Bridgend, Newport and South Wales .

Many people suffer from a fear of visiting a dentist. Dental anxiety is common and affects people of all ages.  Dental phobia or anxiety is found at different levels in individuals from slight nervousness to a severe phobia which can cause many people not to visit their dentist for years at a time, even when they have severe toothache.

Dental anxiety affects people in different ways. You may be anxious about specific aspects of dental treatment or about being in close contact with someone you don’t know very well. You may have had unpleasant experiences at the dentist as a child and are frightened that these will be repeated.

No matter how nervous or fearful you are of having dental treatment, there are a number of things that can help you to overcome your anxiety.

If you would like to conquer your fear of the dentist then please contact us today.