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Alcohol Addiction Treatments

Alcohol addiction treatments in Cardiff, Newport, Bridgend and South Wales.

Unfortunately many people fail to recognise that their drinking is causing problems to their health and well being until it is too late.

However when your alcohol consumption is undertaken to cope with difficulties or to avoid feeling bad then this can be the start of signs that your drinking is now out of control.  Alcoholism and alcohol abuse can surprise people and often the signs are ignored until it’s too late. If you do drink be aware of the warning signs and take steps to cut back if you recognise them.

Alcoholism and alcohol abuse have been found to be caused by many different factors which will include :

  • Genetics
  • Personal upbringing
  • Social environment,
  • Emotional health.

You may have a drinking problem if you…

  •     Feel guilty about your drinking
  •     Look to hide your drinking habits from family and friends
  •     Those closest to you are worried about your drinking
  •     Look for a drink as a means to relax or feel better
  •     “Black out” or forget things as a result of drinking
  •     Seem unable to stop drinking after  “just a few”!

If you or someone close to you has a problem with alcohol then please call us today at our Cardiff clinic.