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Fear of Flying and Heights Treatments

Fear of flying and fear of heights treatments in Cardiff, Bridgend, Newport and South Wales .

Everyone gets a little nervous in unusual situations and of course if you are not use to flying or climbing ladders it is only natural that this may cause some people some worry or indeed in a few cases severe fear.

The fear can be associated with a variety of worries or concerns including of course a fear that the plane will crash. But those who suffer from a fear of flying can sometimes be afraid not of the flying but that if they fly, they will panic. And, if they do, there will be no way to relieve the panic. Similiar fears can also occur for individuals when using a passenger lift in a tall building, on a bridge, in a tunnel, or even in an MRI scanner.

Much of the fear experienced by individuals when flying is because people feel that they have no control of the situation in the air. Escaping is impossible and the first impulse we have when we fear something is to run away , with flying this is impossible of course.

There is a way out of this problem. The answer is to more completely develop your ability to control feelings automatically, and apply this control directly to flying or your fear of heights.

If you would like to fly without distress then contact us today for more advice and an initial consultation. For all your Fear of Flying treatments in Cardiff, South Wales contact Ahed Therapies.