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Treatment for severe trauma, loss and bereavement

Psychological Trauma and Loss Treatments

Psychological Trauma and Loss treatments in  Cardiff, Bridgend, Newport and South Wales.

Post traumatic stress disorder treatments

Increasingly society is understanding the impact of the effect of trauma and has over time achieved a better understanding of how to assist people suffering from severe loss or distress.

The psychological effect of trauma can be simply described as a shattering of innocence. Experiencing a severe trauma can cause an individual to lose faith that there is any safety, predictability, or meaning in the world, or any safe place in which to retreat.  Many traumatic events leave the individual with the inability to process the experience because the event is too shocking to be understood. As a result the trauma or distress caused continues to distress and haunt the person involved and prevents normal life from continuing. It is imperative that an individual in this position receives immediate support and help.

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is a condition created by exposure to a psychologically distressing event outside the range of usual human experience and which causes intense fear, terror, and helplessness.

Such an event may have occured recently or a long time ago.

Trauma, loss and grief treatments

Bereavement can cause similiar feelings of extreme trauma and often the loss of a loved one can be extremely painful.  Severe grief can usually be overcome by remembering the loved one so that it is less emotionally painful.

But sometimes grief becomes complicated, and bereaved survivors remain shaken and acutely distressed for months or years after the loss.  Professional help may remedy this so that grief no longer presents an insurmountable obstacle to carrying on with life.

Sudden shocking losses can be particularly difficult. This can include:

  • Deaths that occur without warning
  • Death of one’s child
  • Deaths that occur as the result of violence
  • Death in which the body is never recovered
  • Multiple deaths
  • Deaths that occur as a result of the willful misconduct of others, carelessness or negligence as a result of disease, accidents, suicide, homicide, war and terrorism.

If you or a loved one are currently experiencing such feelings of loss, trauma or grief then please do act immediately and seek professional help. Call our Cardiff  clinic today on 029 2002 6288