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Private Consultant Psychiatry
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addiction and substance misuse treatments

Help with drug misuse and addiction

Substance Mis-use and Addiction Treatments

Substance misuse and addiction treatments in Cardiff, Newport, Bridgend and South Wales.

At Ahed Therapies we have experience with providing support and treatment for a variety of substance misuse and addictions. This includes:

  • Illegal drugs (e.g. heroin, cannabis etc.)
  • Prescription medicines (e.g. tranquilisers, painkillers, cough medicines or herbal remedies bought from high street retailers)
  • Other medicines

We see two main types of problems with drugs.

Drug misuse which is the use of a drug for purposes for which it was not attended or using a drug in excessive quantities and drug addiction where a person is physically or psychologically dependent on a drug.

Physical addiction is characterised by the presence of tolerance (needing more and more of the drug to achieve the same effect) and withdrawal symptoms that disappear when further medication is taken.

It is common that individuals who misuse drugs will also experience a variety of different health and social problems, which may lead them to misuse drugs or may be a consequence of their addiction.

Sadly the misuse of drugs also leads to problems in relationships with an addicts family, friends, work colleagues and indeed the community they live in .

Please see the following pages of our website with regard to different types of addiction – Alcohol Addiction, Drug and Recreational Substances, Smoking Addiction.