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One of the most common anxiety conditions - Social Anxiety Disorder

Social Anxiety Disorder

Social anxiety (social phobia) treatments in Cardiff .

One of the most common anxiety disorders is social anxiety disorder or social phobia. Social anxiety disorder  is a persistent fear about social situations and being around people. Those individuals who suffer from this disorder are not alone as it is one of the most common anxiety disorders.

Often people with disorders are referred to as shy, but social phobia is much more intense as it can include an irrational fear of undertaking an everyday activity like shopping or speaking on the phone. As a result the condition severly impacts on an individuals life damaging personal relationships and restricting activities both at work, school or university.

A child with social anxiety disorder may cry a lot, freeze, or have tantrums. They may fear going to school and participating in class and school performances.

Teens and adults with social anxiety disorder may show the following behavioural issues:

Fear everyday activities including:

  •         Meeting strangers
  •         Talking in groups
  •         Starting conversations
  •         Speaking on the telephone
  •         Talking to authority figures
  •         Working
  •         Socialising
  •         Shopping

In addition an individual as a result of the above may have:

  •        Low self-esteem
  •        Feel insecure
  •        Fear being criticised
  •        Avoid eye-to-eye contact
  •        Misuse drugs or alcohol in an attempt to reduce their anxiety

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